Olio extra vergine di oliva italiano biologico

Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil, olives are immediately pressed in the estate olive mill in cold extraction

Technical notes – Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Origin: The Lucchese Hills
Altitude: about 160/190 metres above sea level
Area: about 13 hectares
Olive varieties: Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo
Production: varies from 15 to 30 quintals

We produce Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Lucca Tuscany of the highest category obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical processes. The olives, after a proper selection, are immediately pressed in the own ESTATE OLIVE MILL, under controlled temperature (“COLD EXTRACTION”). Thanks to such careful processing, we manage to obtain an olive oil which is unique in quality and taste.

Our organic extra virgin olive oil is certified from organic farming and controlled by the Istituto per la Certificazione Etica e Ambientale, Aut Mi.P.A.F. It is produced in accordance to the European regulations CEE 834/07 and CE889/08.

Part of our production received also the D.O.P. LUCCA certification, and it is controlled by Certiquality s.r.l.

Tasting notes

The main olfactory characteristics of our oil are intense fresh olive and vanilla notes; on the palate it is a fruity olive oil, with the right degree of ripeness, medium intensity accompanied by notes of fresh grass, ripe tomato and a slight hint of artichoke; the aftertaste is soft, sweet, with hints of almond.